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Who We Are:

We are Sharlyte Staffing Solutions, a boutique healthcare staffing agency that facilitates the match between employers who are looking for amazing nurse talent, and awesome nurses who are looking for meaningful work. We specialize in direct hire search, contract, per diem, and travel nursing jobs within nursing homes, prisons/correctional facilities, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals throughout the United States.

Vision Statement

To deliver better patient experiences and outcomes by providing quality talent, strong processes, and building genuine relationships, all while empowering people to better understand the patient’s journey by:

  • Establishing a different way of doing staffing that is more results-oriented.
  • Providing a better outcome versus what is currently in existence.
  • Creating an evidence-based journey that provides a satisfactory healthcare-patient outcome.
  • Incorporating teamwork and a friendly, safe working environment within the organization.

Mission Statement

To foster relationships between healthcare employers and employees that will improve successful outcomes in patient quality care while creating an environment where our people can grow and be their best self in their career.

Our Values

Ideas and Outcomes are the start of the core principles that drive our business.

  • Integrity: We value honesty, and always stand by our word.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We believe that building a stronger, more inclusive workforce drives real progress and growth.
  • Equal Opportunity Employer: We do not discriminate, and everyone is treated equally.
  • Accountability: We are held accountable and responsible for ourselves and the activities conducted within our organization.
  • Self Determination: We are empowered to always be the best in what we do.
  • Ambition: We do not backpedal, but strive higher to reach our most ambitious goals.
  • Nimble: We are adaptable to changes that occur in our day-to-day activities (expected and unexpected).
  • Dynamic: We are a driving force of change, always pushing innovation and moving the healthcare industry forward.


  • Outcomes: We deliver high-quality, value-based care to help enhance patient experiences, improve patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction.
  • Unselfishness: We work steadfastly to ensure that the needs of our employers, employees, and vendor partners are met for effective patient outcomes.
  • Teamwork: We work collaboratively as a team to achieve our smallest and most audacious goals.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility::We are committed to improving the lives of underprivileged and underserved communities.
  • Open Communication: We value all opinions and suggestions, and communicate freely with everyone.
  • More Customer-Driven Than Anyone: Our number one purpose is to satisfy the needs of our healthcare talent and employers.
  • Efficiency: We make effective use of our technology and resources to satisfy the needs of our talent and employers.
  • Solves Problems: We establish great processes that make sense of complex challenges and take pride in our ability to pinpoint the exact problem to define world-changing talent solutions.

Our Philosophy

We succeed when we earn the trust of the community we serve and do this by making fidelity our watchword.
We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ and employees’ needs are met and believe in creating a community where respect and mutual understanding co-exist to yield improved positive patient outcomes and job satisfaction.
We believe that any environment with a positive flow of energy yields team success and so we embrace inclusiveness, proactiveness, and empathy making every interaction count.

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At Sharlyte, we are entirely incentivized to improve your nurse career or healthcare facility’s staffing. We don’t make any money unless we find a solution to your situation, so there is virtually no risk or downside to letting us help you.

Learn more about what we can do for your career or facility through our dedicated pages, and feel free to give us a call today to address any doubts you might have.

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