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We’re an agency for nurses who don’t compromise
their job satisfaction and work-life balance.

For the RNs, LVNs, and Respiratory Therapists who want more than being stuck in a less than ideal role for too long; For the healthcare facilities in need of competent talent on short notice; For all healthcare workers who want to enjoy what they do, while they do it, we offer the staffing solutions to your problems.
At Sharlyte, we specialize in matching RNs, LVNs, and Respiratory Therapists to top healthcare facilities so they can find their dream roles while enjoying a flexible contract plan to suit a premium work-life balance.
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This Is Our Talent Promise

No matter where you want to work, we have a reputable employer looking to hire someone like you. Tired of working tons of hours? Choosing to work on a per diem basis means you are not tied down for any longer than what you want. Who said you’d have to sacrifice your dreams or well-being for your job?

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Our wealth of per diem options allows healthcare professionals to have the life they desire out of the workplace.

Our travel nurses enjoy their time off from work by exploring their new locations, making new memories, and getting enough rest before the next workday.

Premium Job Satisfaction

Nothing beats loving what you do – all day, every day.

We work with a variety of healthcare facilities to find those roles that keep you motivated and fulfilled.

Whether you’d prefer to work in a hospital, travel around the country to boost healthcare services, or deliver proper care in prisons, go ahead and contact us, we have something great in store for you.

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Zero Pressure Matches

Take the guesswork out of finding the best roles and employers.
Many healthcare professionals are wary of not getting the right fit at first. We help you to find roles with flexible plans, allowing you to discover if the position is right for you before committing long term.

Enjoy Exponential Advancements

Working in various locations and environments gifts you the wealth of experience and opportunities that you need to move up your career ladder.

Earn more, live better, and grow faster all at the same time.

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Esteemed Employers

We recognize the growing need for healthcare services delivered by competent hands, and the struggle to find the best talents for the job. We constantly find the right match for countless positions across hospital roles, Long-Term Care facilities, Home health, and prisons.

Commit Right, Every Time

Manage your resources better by only retaining the perfect fits.
Our per diem programs allow you to enjoy premium healthcare services from our professionals without any long-term commitments. Only retain top talent that stand out for your facility.

Improve Employee Output

We don’t fit round pegs in square holes. With us, you never have to worry about wrongly hiring the wrong nurse for the right role.
We don’t only consider the relevant skills for the job but take everything we can into account to make the employer-talent relationship a perfect fit.

Leave the Matchmaking to Us

Finding the right talent for your positions or healthcare job that suits you best is just a click away.

We have partnered with healthcare institutions in various capacities to provide faster staffing solutions, deploying our pool of talents when they do need it. Our talents also trust us to vet their potential employees and make sure they are the right fit before we make the match happen at all.

Now, let us make the magic happen for you too.

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