You’ve Got Enough to Worry About.
Leave Your Nurse Staffing Issues to Sharlyte

You’re already competing with thousands of other hospitals to recruit nurses for more than 900,000 staffed beds in the US alone. This only accounts for hospitals, not even including other healthcare facilities in the US.

Staffing for your facility is not the only measure of success. Why take on the stress of recruiting the best RNs, LVNs, and other nursing specialists to fill various roles in your organization when we can handle everything for you?
Focus on the administrative side of your business while you leave the fast and effective top talent sourcing to our experts.

You’re In Good Hands

At Sharlyte, we work closely to test, screen, and verify the talent pool of nurses that we have on record. We continually maintain a list of excellent registered nurses who are motivated to give their best to your healthcare facility. Sign up with us to be guaranteed a first, exclusive look at a hand-picked selection of top nursing talent across various fields and specialties to boost your productivity and reduce strain on your resources. Staffing various institutions, delivering laudable nurse-patient ratios, and setting up mutually beneficial client-employee relationships helps us attract the best of the bunch. Leverage the trust that these nurses have in us to land you the best healthcare specialist for your situation.

What We Offer

Our flexible group of RNs and LVNs are ready to fit into your patient care model and meet your healthcare goals.


Don’t worry about making a long-term commitment that might go south. We set up a contract that allows you to retain the best performers only after a suitable trial/contract period.

Per Diem Staffing

Attract the best talent with the promise of a better work-life balance and reduced burnout. Our per diem solutions give you access to professional nursing skills on a day-to-day basis without having to make any long-term concessions.

Contract Solutions

Handle emergencies effectively with standby nurses ready to step into the situation. No matter when and where you need them, our network of nurses is prepared to quell the crises for you.

Travel Nursing Roles

Let’s find you those nurses that don’t mind being on-the-go. Your needs meet their demands, helping you to get the mostout of their skills
and expertise.

Why Trust Us?

Beat Budget Stress

We take the hiring budget stress out of the nurse managers’ hands. Our customized solutions are perfect for healthcare brands working with various budget levels.

Balanced Skillset

Our databases include a mix of new nurses and experienced professionals. We have sifted through their applications and vetted their skill levels for you. Tell us what you want and get the most ideal match for your roles.

Eliminate Rush Hour

With Sharlyte on your side, you are never on the last-minute rush train anymore. We work hard to keep a top selection of professionals ready to jump into short-term crises, beat a surge in workload, and help you scale your capacity.

Ratio Maintenance

We don’t just send you the talent. We work with you to keep up with your ideal nurse-patient ratio – and fill in all your roles to boost your workplace morale while reducing burnout and increasing turnover.

Request a Nurse Today

We take the guesswork out of hiring nursing specialists at different experience levels. Our rigorous background check processes establish the best fit nurse for every role. We have also cultivated a relationship with our nurses to know what they need – and what they want to get out of their roles. Thus, we only match you to those nurses that function best in your desired capacity. It’s time to concentrate on bettering healthcare in other ways. Schedule a call with us today to hand over your nurse staffing solutions to us.